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About Us


At Cairo Brokers Real Estate, our clients are our top priority. Our number one goal is to help them reach their goals. If you are looking for the perfect home, we’ll help you compare many options that suit your needs in terms of surface area, amenities, prices and payment plans, which will save you a lot of time and effort. If you have a property you would like to list for sale, why not benefit from our extensive database containing info on tens of investors and clients interested in purchasing real estate properties just like yours? And if you desire to invest in real estate in Egypt, our consultants will help you choose the right investment opportunity based on the size of your investment and your short-term and long-term investment goals.

Cairo Brokers is proud to offer our website visitors our real estate search engine, where you can search through hundreds of realestate properties listed for sale or rent. You can easily refine your search by city and area, type, price and other criteria. We pay special attention to the accuracy and completeness of information in our database in order to provide you with the largest number of options and as much information as possible to help you choose among them.

We at Cairo Brokers have always strived to support our clients in achieving their goals. Over the years, our consultants have successfully served hundreds of clients. Many of our clients found their dream homes. Many successfully sold their property at excellent prices. Some have invested in real estate properties and reaped a return far higher than they had expected. No matter what your real estate needs are, our consultants can help you reach your objectives with minimum effort and time.


Cairo Brokers REAL ESTATE aims to position itself as a the “Real Estate Investment Consultant”
Cairo Brokers REAL ESTATE’s vision is to become Egypt’s premier Real Estate Partner catering to the diverse needs of local and international real estate investors, developers and real estate funds.

Cairo Brokers REAL ESTATE boasts a culture of excellence, founded on a team of dedicated individuals brought together under a partnership structure.

Drawing on its team’s real estate experience, market knowledge and proprietary research; Cairo Brokers REAL ESTATE seeks to become the Real Estate Benchmark for local and international investors.


Our extensive and deep market know how qualifies us to be a real estate index to the market committed to assisting clients in realizing their long term growth strategies, both in local and international real estate investments.

Cairo Brokers REAL ESTATE provides world-class services catering to clients’ individual needs; be it in brokerage, commercial and residential projects selling, or market research and property appraisals.

Cairo Brokers REAL ESTATE’s outsourced services aim to reduce corporate clients’ overhead costs while increasing their return on.

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